Get to Know The Fearless Chase

Happy reminders to live intentionally!

The Fearless Chase is your new fav addition to every girls day with your bestfriend. It’s laughing out loud on your daily walk while you listen to our podcast. It’s affirmations on a crewneck to inspire more meaningful conversation. It’s your go-to t-shirt for brunch.

The Fearless Chase is whatever you make of it but mostly, it’s yours.

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Happy Reminders to Live Intentionally

It's as easy as one, two, three!

  • Step One

    Choose a product that reminds you to live intentionally

  • Step Two

    Enjoy living life based on your own definition of success

  • Step Three

    Brighten everyone’s day by sharing this reminder

The Fearless Chase

Meet Mads

Hey there! I'm Mads - Shop Owner and Podcast Host of The Fearless Chase.

Our mission is to encourage others to create an intentional life they love -- based on their own definition of success.

Our products and podcast episodes are designed to add some happiness to your day.